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Multiple sclerosis, Ramadan can be treated in prison

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – MEHDI FEDOUACH – | Swiss Islamologist Tariq Ramadan at a conference in Bordeaux on March 26, 2016

Tariq Ramadan, who was jailed in February for rape charges that have since multiplied, suffers from multiple sclerosis, but his medical treatment “is not incompatible” with his pre-trial detention, according to a much-awaited report.

The 55-year-old Swiss theologian, who had unsuccessfully relied on his health condition to be released, “suffers from multiple sclerosis since 2006, diagnosis considered certain,” conclude doctors in their report filed Wednesday at the judges of instruction, according to concordant sources.

“The current care (…) is not incompatible with the detention, but the experts insist that Tariq Ramadan, if he remained in detention, will continue to benefit from access to care”, including his medication and his four weekly physiotherapy sessions, they still write.

The Muslim intellectual, who disputes all sexual relations with his first two accusers and castigates a “campaign of slander”, is locked in prison Fleury-Mérogis (Essonne) since his indictment on February 2, for rape and rape on vulnerable person.

Saying he suffered from multiple sclerosis and neuropathy, he had contested his incarceration, but a first quick assessment had not confirmed these diagnoses. On February 22, the Paris Court of Appeal then validated his continued detention, to the chagrin of his supporters who, since then, continue to denounce an “injustice”.

According to the report issued on Wednesday, the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, made in Qatar in November 2014 and in London in 2016, was confirmed in Paris “in March 2018 at the Salpêtrière Hospital by two neurologists of recognized competence. “.

“There has been no recent outbreak of the disease,” they note, saying “stress can increase symptoms.”

On the other hand, according to these experts, no argument “allows to retain the diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy of the lower limbs” alleged by Tariq Ramadan. According to his wife, he goes to the parlor of his wheelchair prison.

Reporting “a reactionary depressive state to detention”, doctors believe that the headaches and disruption of the walk complained of by the intellectual are “most likely” physical disorders related to “his current situation”.

After complaining of these symptoms, he has been hospitalized at least twice since his incarceration. But his opponents mostly see a comedy for his release.

– Stained dress –

Beyond the medical aspect, Tariq Ramadan’s situation has become even more bleak.

At the beginning of March, a third complainant reported herself, having suffered multiple rapes between 2013 and 2014 in France, Brussels and London. This Lille girl described in her complaint very violent sexual intercourse under duress, most often in hotels on the sidelines of the preacher’s successful conferences, in a scenario similar to that described by the other complainants.

The investigators analyze the audio recordings and messages she gave them, as well as a spotted black dress, according to a source close to the record. On Wednesday, an expert report was ordered by the judges to check whether this spot corresponds to Mr. Ramadan’s DNA, the source added.

In Switzerland, a woman also lodged a complaint last week against Ramadan, accusing her of raping her and sequestrating her in 2009 in a hotel room in Geneva.

The detention of this grandson of the founder of the Islamist brotherhood of the Muslim Brotherhood has aroused a stir within the Muslim community. Some have denounced a “double standard,” or even a “conspiracy” against one of the few media figures of European Islam, accused by its detractors of fundamentalism camouflaged under a reformist speech.

His star had already begun to pale, however, and few community leaders have shown their support. Nevertheless, the movement of the Muslims of France (ex-UOIF) marked the spirits at the end of March when its president, Amar Lasfar, expressed the hope that Tariq Ramadan, whose “thought remains intact”, will soon be “released” from prison and “whitened”.

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