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No agreement in Italy to form government, new round of consultations

Ⓒ AFP – Tiziana Fabi – | Matteo Salvini, leader of the League, of the extreme right, leaves the Quirinale palace in Rome on April 5, 2015, after meeting with the president of Italy, Sergio Mattarella

The president of Italy, Sergio Mattarella concluded on Thursday the first official round of consultations with all political forces without reaching an agreement to form a government after the March elections, in which no party won a majority.

“No political agreement has been made so far, I will start a new round of consultations next week,” said Mattarella, after receiving all the political leaders, one month after the elections.

The president, as provided by the Constitution, is in charge of finding a way out of the political blockade.

“The parties have asked me more time to reflect on the situation and I also need more time to evaluate it,” he acknowledged.

Both the xenophobic leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, leader of the right coalition, and Luigi di Maio, leader of the Five Star Movement, claim the right to lead a government and are open to rule with others but under different conditions.

Di Maio claims the position of prime minister as the representative of the most voted party (32%),

Salvini for his part also aspires to the position but as leader of the coalition of the right, formed among others by the Conservatives of Force Italy of Silvio Berluisconi and the neo-fascists of Brothers of Italy, which obtained 37% of the votes in the elections, without achieving majority.

After the first round of consultations with Mattarella, the leader of the M5E proposed to form a government for the “change” that could include the far right of Salvini or the Democratic Party (PD), center left, great loser of the elections of 4 March.

“We propose a contract according to the German model so that the political forces commit themselves to the Italians about the things that need to be done,” said Di Maio.

“They are the two interlocutors and it is clear that they are two alternative solutions,” said Di Maio, who avoided mentioning the tycoon and former prime minister Berlusconi, which the M5E has vetoed on other occasions.

The leader of the anti-system movement clarified that his formation “is neither left nor right” and that he understands being “an ally of the West, of the Atlantic Alliance, and of being within the European Union and monetary”.

– Negotiations –

A series of Di Maio meetings with Salvini and the acting secretary of the PD, Maurizio Martina, have been scheduled for the next few days to examine possible “convergences” on specific issues, such as the fight against corruption, unemployment and management. of immigration, among others.

The PD, worn down by five years of power, only won 18% of the votes, and confirmed its willingness to remain in the opposition, closing the door, for the moment, to any agreement with the M5E.

The xenophobic leader Salvini proposed a clear alliance to the outraged of the M5E, but “if everyone maintains their personalities and their personal reasoning or party, there will be no government,” he said.

“We work to form an executive that governs at least five years, adding the winners and the numbers in hand must involve the Five Star Movement,” explained Salvini after the meeting with Mattarella.

Salvini also stressed that he is not afraid to return to the polls, convinced of being able to repeat the feat that allowed him in a few years to reach almost 18% and overcome the party of Berlusconi becoming the largest force of the right coalition.

Contrary to new elections, the multi-millionaire politician, a veteran in this type of negotiations, said he was willing to participate in “credible programs of European respite that will take Italy out of the crisis”.

Next week the political forces will meet again with Mattarella for a new round of negotiations.

There is no definite deadline to commission a person who can obtain the support of the majority of the 630 deputies and 315 senators, who, through a vote of confidence in Parliament, will give birth to the new Executive.

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