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Marine Le Pen re-elected without surprise President of the National Front

Ⓒ AFP – PHILIPPE HUGUEN – | Marine Le Pen addresses members of the party and
activists after his reelection at the head of the FN, March 11,
2018 in Lille

Marine Le Pen, the only candidate for his succession, was
reelected Sunday without suspense President of the National
Front, which reorganized its instances.

The 49-year-old presidential runner-up is starting a third
term as head of the party she has led since she took over from
her father in 2011 and for which she will propose a new name in
the afternoon.

She was elected to 100% of the votes cast, following a
postal vote, the results of which were announced at the party
congress in Lille. There were 2.87% of blank ballot papers,
said Secretary General Steeve Briois, without giving the number
of voters or participation.

The FN, which holds in Lille its 16th congress, claims
83,000 members, including 51,000 to date contribution.

Marine Le Pen, who is also a member of the Pas-de-Calais,
will deliver a speech in the afternoon in which she will
propose a new name for her party, which she struggles to meet
after her failure in the presidential election and About which
she admits “a hole of air”.

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – PHILIPPE HUGUEN – | Marine Le Pen March 10, 2018 at the FN Congress in

Louis Aliot, until now vice-president in charge of the
formation and the demonstrations, was the best elected by the
activists on the national council (ex-central committee), the
parliament of the party, before Steeve Briois, general
secretary until this congress, and Nicolas Bay, vice-president
for European affairs, who moved from 10th to 3rd place.

Conservative on societal issues, more liberal in economics
than Marine Le Pen, the former MEP and MEP Nicolas Bay embodies
the line of Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, who retired from politics
in May before making a intervention noticed before the
ultraconservatives Americans in February.

The mayor of Fréjus (Var) David Rachline passes from 6th to
4th place and the mayor of Beaucaire (Gard), Julien Sanchez,
goes from 15th to 6th place.

At the 2014 congress, former Vaucluse MP Marion Maréchal-Le
Pen came in first, ahead of Louis Aliot and Steeve Briois.
Florian Philippot was fourth.

But since then, Mrs. Maréchal-Le Pen withdrew, and Mr.
Philippot, ex-right arm of Ms. Le Pen, slammed the door of the
party in September. So that Mr. Aliot, companion of the party
president, and Mr. Briois had already become de facto the first
two officials of this national council.

The order of arrival of the elected is a barometer of their
influence within the FN.

The national council has 120 members, 100 of whom are
elected by post and 20 co-opted by the presidency.

Ms. Le Pen gave the names of the 20 personalities she chose,
including the member of Gard Gilbert Collard, the former
mega-scientist Philippe Olivier, also brother-in-law of the
party’s president, and the former UMP deputy Jérôme Rivière

Former secretary general Steeve Briois becomes the sole
vice-president of the movement, Wallerand de Saint-Just remains

Enter for the first time to the Executive Board Sébastien
Chenu, so far spokesperson, David Rachline and the deputy of
the Pas-de-Calais Bruno Bilde.

They join Steeve Briois, Wallerand of Saint-Just, Louis
Aliot, Nicolas Bay, and Jean-François Jalkh, until now
vice-president for legal affairs, who were already part of

The executive office becomes an
instance of 9 leaders, including Ms. Le Pen. The national
office (former political bureau) has 50 members.

In addition, the federations will be represented at the
national office by 10 departmental delegates chosen at “merit”
every six months, who will have an advisory vote.

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