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FN Congress: Jean-Marie Le Pen stripped of his honorary presidency

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – JOEL SAGET – | Jean-Marie Le Pen in January 2016 in Saint-Cloud

National Front campaigners meeting in Lille voted unsurprisingly new party statutes that remove the office of honorary president, occupied since 2011 by the co-founder of the party Jean-Marie Le Pen, already excluded, announced Sunday Jean -François Jalkh, Vice President of the FN.

The 1,500 activists present in Lille approved these statutes to 79.7% of the votes cast (20.2% against).

Mr. Le Pen, who presided over the 39-year-old party from 1972 to 2011, had already been expelled from the party in 2015 by the president of FN Marine Le Pen because of repeated polemics about the Holocaust.

This exclusion resulted in a lengthy court battle between father and daughter.

On February 9, the Versailles Court of Appeal confirmed the exclusion of Mr. Le Pen but left him as Honorary President.

This vote cancels this judicial decision.

Jean-Marie Le Pen, who published his memoirs a dozen days before the congress of his daughter, has finally given up to come to the rally in Lille, a first for him. He had threatened to come by recourse if necessary to the “public force”. But the direction of the FN had warned that it would be prohibited entry.

Saturday, he dedicated his memoirs in a Parisian bookstore and Sunday, he must lay a wreath at the Montmartre Cemetery on the grave of a former leader of the FN, François Duprat, mysteriously murdered in 1978.

The activists also validated in their vote new names for the party’s authorities, which dated from 1972 and were inspired by those of the PCF of the time.

The political bureau is renamed national office, and the central committee, national council.

A national council of “local elected representatives” is also created.

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