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Tariq Ramadan’s lawyers request a change of procedure

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – MEHDI FEDOUACH – | Swiss Islamologist Tariq Ramadan, in Bordeaux, March 26, 2016

The lawyers of Tariq Ramadan, indicted for rape, have claimed the change of procedure for the Islamologist by arguing dysfunctions to the detriment of their client, according to a request that AFP heard on Wednesday.

In this letter addressed to the Attorney General at the Paris Court of Appeal, they argue that “the investigations useful to the manifestation of the truth are not carried out” and “the contacts of Mr. Ramadan with his relatives and even his lawyers are limited “.

The expatriation of a procedure may be ordered by the Court of Cassation at the request of the Attorney General, on his own initiative or following a request from the parties. He may decide whether to forward this request or not.

Since the beginning of this scandal, Mr. Ramadan has challenged the charges brought against him for allegedly taking place in hotels on the sidelines of his successful conferences, on October 9, 2009 in Lyon and in March-April 2012 in Paris.

In their complaints and during their hearings, supported by testimonials under X other potential victims, the two women described appointments that suddenly swung into violent intercourse under duress.

After three months of preliminary investigation, the Muslim scholar was indicted on February 2 in Paris for rape and rape on vulnerable person by three investigating judges, then incarcerated.

His defense denounces the absence of investigations on a document on file – a plane reservation – December 6 but only sent to investigators in early February.

On the basis of this document, Tariq Ramadan claims to have arrived in Lyon on 9 October 2009 at the end of the day, while the complainant, nicknamed Christelle, claims to have been raped in the afternoon. According to a conference participant joined by AFP, the intellectual would have actually arrived earlier in the day.

Another element criticized: the lack of investigations concerning a meeting organized in 2009 between Christelle, the essayist Caroline Fourest and a magistrate, identified by the JDD as being a current general counsel to the Court of Cassation Michel Debacq.

The lawyers filed a lawsuit in November against X for witness tampering, targeting Ms. Fourest, who has been fighting Ramadan for a long time in the media. The investigation also established that his telephone line was more than one hundred times in contact with each of the two accusers over the period from May 6 to November 6, 2017. However, according to Ms. Fourest, these exchanges are subsequent to their Complaint filing late October.

In addition, the lawyers write that he has had no contact with his family since his imprisonment on February 2 and that they themselves have not been able to talk with their client during his hospitalization, started Friday and completed Monday.

The next judicial step in this case is Thursday, with the Paris Court of Appeal’s review of the intellectual’s appeal against his detention on remand.

Last week, she had suspended her decision, pending the completion of a medical report by Tariq Ramadan, who claims to be suffering from two conditions including multiple sclerosis. This expertise, which AFP became aware of Monday, has judged his state of health compatible with his incarceration and questioned the diagnosis of these diseases.

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