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Isabelle Huppert evokes her “sympathy” for the #MeToo movement

Ⓒ AFP – Stefanie LOOS – | French actress Isabelle Huppert, February 17, 2018 in Berlin

The French actress Isabelle Huppert supported Saturday in Berlin actresses revealing the abuse and ill-treatment they may suffer, saying that this release of speech “should have” been done earlier.

“It’s been a long time since everything that was said – since it started a few months ago – should have been said,” said the actress at a press conference, without mentioning the case directly Weinstein.

“That’s also why I’m doing cinema, to talk about women in a certain way, and I’m personally very happy that some things are being said, definitely, I hope,” she added. “sympathy and hope” against the #MeToo wave.

In “Eva” by her compatriot Benoît Jacquot, in competition at the Berlinale, she plays a prostitute who crosses the road of a playwright (Bertrand, played by Gaspard Ulliel) and will soon prove to be poisonous for him.

By adapting a black novel by James Hadley Chase, already worn on the screen by Joseph Losey (1962, with Jeanne Moreau), Benedict Jacquot offers a role of femme fatale to Isabelle Huppert, one of his favorite actresses.

The two friends are in their sixth collaboration, after films like “The school of the flesh” or “Villa Amalia”.

The character of Eva “seems fatal for Bertrand but it is not on purpose,” said the actress, who is sometimes a prostitute wigged and cutthroat, sometimes a provincial bourgeois in the film.

A strong woman’s role that evokes in some ways her character in Paul Verhoeven’s “Elle”, for which she received a Golden Globe from the foreign press association in Hollywood.

“Yes, there is something in common: a certain loneliness, a sharp side at first glance, the will to never be considered as a victim, an apparent control.It is obvious that behind this facade, there is something else” said the actress.

Variation on the imposture, “Eva” allows his director, known for his portraits of women (“The goodbye of the queen”), to explore a male figure, with the character of Gaspard Ulliel.

“This Eva is like a lifebuoy, it’s as double as him, the two lines of life are mirrored, which is neither in the book nor in the novel,” the director explained. AFP.

Mixing the initial novel as he pleased, he also introduced an age difference between the two main characters.

“I was interested in inverting the girl’s usual figure with a man who, at the age of being her father, intersected a tragic figure of the world: a man who encounters a woman in a strong and almost fatal way and she is her mother’s age. ”

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