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25 years in prison for shooting at the headquarters of the newspaper Libération in Paris

Ⓒ AFP/Archivos – Benoit Peyrucq – | Abdelhakim Dekhar (c), sentenced to 25 years in prison for shooting and seriously injuring a photographer at the Paris headquarters of the newspaper Libération in 2013, appears before a court in the French capital on November 17, 2017

An individual who shot and severely wounded a photographer in the Paris headquarters of the newspaper Libération in 2013 was sentenced Friday night to 25 years in prison by a French court, according to judicial sources.

The sentence, which fell shortly before midnight, after nine hours of deliberation, is in line with the request of the prosecution, which believed that the defendant, Abdelhakim Dekhar, acted for “social resentment” and “resentment” against society.

Abdelhakim Dekhar had been described as “public enemy number one” during five days of persecution in November 2013 in Paris.

His armed journey began on the BFMTV television network, where he targeted and threatened a journalist, then at Libération’s headquarters, where he wounded the photographer, and ended with shots at the front door of the Société Générale bank.

Three days later, he seriously injured another person, in the lobby of the Libération headquarters.

In his request, the prosecutor declared: “the main motive was to kill out of social resentment”. There is in Dekhar “a resentment against society, the State, capitalism,” he explained.

Abdelhakim Dekhar, a 52-year-old man who introduced himself as an “intellectual,” talked a lot about politics during his trial and alluded to his “despair,” explaining that he wanted to “stage his suicide”: he wanted “a romantic death.”

However, the defendant was described during the trial as a violent man, “a pathological liar”, who was already sentenced in 1998 to four years in prison for association of criminals, in a criminal case linked to extreme left organizations.

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