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Exclusive AFP: Ecuador’s vice president from prison: Odebrecht executes its “revenge”

Ⓒ AFP/Archivos – Juan Ruiz – | Ecuador’s Vice President Jorge Glas arrives in a prison escorted by the police in Quito on October 2, 2017

In an interview with the AFP in Quito’s Prison 4, where he is serving pre-trial detention for the Odebrecht case, Ecuador’s vice president Jorge Glas says he is a victim of a “revenge” of the Brazilian construction company and accuses the justice of his country of being yielding “to political and media pressure”.

Glas, one of the most powerful of the Corinthians, became the highest-ranking politician on October 2 to be behind bars for the megatram of Odebrecht’s millionaire bribes in 12 countries in Latin America and Africa.

A judge issued this precautionary measure based, among other things, on the testimony of Jose Conceicao Santos Filho, an informant and ex-director of the firm, who accused the vice president of receiving bribes for $ 16 million through his uncle Ricardo Rivera.

Since then, Glas spent his days in a small prison in the north of the capital along with fifty prisoners, as expolias convicted of human rights violations, waiting for the prosecution to decide in the coming days whether or not to formally accuse him in a criminal trial for illicit association.

Sitting at a wooden table in the prison courtyard, Glas denounced on Friday in his first interview as a detainee the “irregularities” in a judicial process that has as its background the power struggle between the president, Lenin Moreno, and the exmandatario Rafael Correa, his great ally.

– Before May 24, when Moreno assumed power, did you imagine yourself in this situation?

“I have never committed any crime and a person who does not commit crime is never expected to see a situation of this nature.”

– Today (Friday) ratified the preventive detention and next week it is decided if they finally impute …

“Is my accuser, who is a corrupt confessor who has recognized that he set up a transnational network of corruption in 12 countries, proving himself to be a test?

The prosecution only stayed with the accusation of Santos, because there is not a single wrongful act on my part, I do not know the others involved in this case, except for my relative, Rivera, who has stated that he acted in private.

Neither with false witnesses, nor with truchos couriers, nor with mysterious pendrives, nor with protected witnesses have managed to find a single proof against me, nor a penny ill-gotten in my patrimony. ”

– You said several times that Marcelo Odebrecht threatened him when the company was expelled from Ecuador in 2008. Is it fulfilling its threat?

“Obviously, Odebrecht planned his revenge from the very day I asked him to be expelled when he refused to repair the San Francisco hydroelectric plant.” Marcelo Odebrecht, met me, and hinted that we were using politically to win votes.

I threw it out of my office, shoving it … He threatened me and said ‘you’re not always going to be a public servant, you’ll see’, and he left. ”

“Do you accuse Moreno directly that you’re here?”

“I can not make a reference of this nature, and you will not hear from my mouth any qualification against President Moreno. I am still your vice president.

All this is a montage where the revenge of a corrupt and corrupting company, the media power of this Ecuador and the economic and financial power are united.

I am the stone in the shoe because I am progressive, so all converge in a great objective, which is to get me out of the vice presidency … The strategy is to attack former President Correa and destroy the Citizen Revolution. ”

“If Moreno had put his hands on the fire for you, as Correa does, would you be here?”

“I do not think so. Undoubtedly, the justice system is giving way to media pressure and political pressure.

I am not talking about an alliance between Odebrecht and President Moreno. I think they are separate strings, but they have the same goal: to fall to Glas. ”

– Even though the opposition was already accused of corruption?

“Yes, but the opposition has been accusing me for more than two years, and so far he has not been able to present anything against me.

I do not know how they will sustain judicial processes of this nature, but they are doing so at the point of media lynching and political pressure from opponents and also within the government, without a doubt. ”

– The internal war in the ruling party has no turning back?

“I do not see an internal war, I do see that there are companions who are silent, and that is very serious, probably because of fear, because the one who speaks takes away the work.”

– Correa appeared the possibility of a Constituent if the popular consultation announced by Moreno is a setback for the achievements of the corismo. Do you see it possible?

“Of course”.

– After this, will you return to politics?

“I withdraw from politics, I’m disgusted with this. I already promised it to my family, I broke the promise once and I ended up here.”

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