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Murder and torture of Angèle: the mother described as “unstable” but “fusional”

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – Franck Fife – | The trial of the mother and father-in-law of Angèle, a four-year-old girl who died in September 2014 in Vendée after being tortured, opened Monday morning in La Roche-sur-Yon.

A young woman “very unstable” who had a “merged relationship” with her daughter: the court of Assizes of the Vendée sketched Monday the disturbed personality of the mangeere of Angèle, accused of torturing the girl found dead in 2014 .

Jordane Dubois, 24, is tried for murder and for having inflicted torture and ill-treatment on his four-year-old daughter, his former companion and co-accused, David Pharisien, 29, whose body was discovered on September 8, 2014 at Saint-Georges-de-Pointindoux (Vendée), had burns on a third of its surface. She incurs criminal imprisonment in perpetuity.

The young woman does not seem to react to the various testimonies heard by the court, except for some denials of the head when her father, with her black, half-long hair covering her face, her hand resting on her stomach, d’Angèle speaks at the helm.

After being separated, Dylan Denis, a civil party at the trial, made a report to the social services in Val-de-Marne, where he lived, “worried” for his daughter after the social networking of photos showing the presence of bottles of alcohol and narcotics at parties. The investigation concluded that there was no danger to the child.

– ‘Inadequate socially’ –

She has been using cannabis since her 12th birthday, with hard drugs from her 14th birthday, and she has been using scarification. Jordane Dubois is a young woman “socially unsuitable”, with a “disturbed personality”, “very unstable” to discard, to incriminate the other, “described to the court the investigator charged with enlightening the personality of the accused.

Placed at age 15 on child welfare after a violent altercation with her mother, and up to her majority, herself a mother at 17, Jordane Dubois is tried for tapping, biting, gagged or, by punishment, given hot showers to his daughter, of the facts which she contests in part.

She acknowledged in police custody that she had put pressure on her daughter, causing her death by strangulation, but refuted that she wanted to kill him.

During their life together, until Jordane Dubois returns to live with her mother in August 2011, Angèle’s father, Dylan Denis, did not “see her slip”. “I never saw any act of violence, she never raised a hand in front of me,” he said.

“It’s unreal, it’s beyond me. It does not reflect at all the reality of what I’ve seen,” insisted one of Jordane Dubois’s former companions, a childhood friend with whom she had renewed and inhabited a few months. “I never saw any violence,” the young man testified, referring to “merger relations between Angele and his mother.”

Jordane Dubois had met his co-accused, David Pharisien, in June 2014 and had settled down with him in Angèle, Vendée, on 14 August, just three weeks before the girl’s death had been documented.

The various lesions found on the child, including burns and bruises, were first explained by Angèle’s mother and father-in-law as a result of a fall on the stairs and a shower that was too hot.

The autopsy revealed numerous traces of blows at various points of the body, bites and burns, ranging from second to third degree on a body surface area of ​​nearly 35%.

Both accused have always rejected responsibility for burns.

The trial is scheduled to last until Friday.

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