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“Someone murdered my daughter with my hands”: Fabienne persists in the denial

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – BENOIT PEYRUCQ – | Sketch of audience representing Fabienne Kabou, June 20, 2016 in Saint-Omer in the Pas-de-Calais

“Someone murdered my daughter with my hands”: Fabienne Kabou, who was accused of murdering her 15-month-old daughter, persisted in the denial on the first day of her appeal on Friday before the assizes of the North.

Fabienne Kabou, a black suit jacket, was sentenced at first instance in Saint-Omer to 20 years’ imprisonment in June 2016 for abandoning Adelaide at a rising tide on a beach in Berck in November 2013. The court had retained alteration of discernment.

In Douai, on Friday, she pleaded not guilty. And, sobbing, asserted that “from the very first interrogation, from the first interrogation”, she had explained “to be guided by an energy that I felt malevolent”. In his view, “these elements have not been sufficiently exploited”.

“Something, or someone, has acted in me to murder my daughter, as if someone had ordered his death by my hands, and killed two birds with one stone, since he also ruined my life, “she explained.

She said she had “fought” against the force that would have guided her during the first two years of her daughter, but that she was “exhausted”. “The hard part is that I really feel that I was killed by this murderer,” says the young woman, who incurs criminal imprisonment in perpetuity.

The criminal responsibility of Fabienne Kabou, a personality judged by all as “very intelligent” but also “confusing”, was at the center of his first trial. If some experts concluded that it had a “mental pathology”, others only referred to a “psychic disorder”.

“What is at stake in this trial is the degree of responsibility and guilt, why did she kill her child because she says she killed him? because, of course, there is a double personality in this woman, “assures to the press Frank Berton, one of his lawyers.

– ‘A beautiful mother’ –

During her first trial, she had told, in a neutral tone, that she had come from Paris in November 2013 to drop Adelaide, then drowsy, on the sand of a beach at Berck, at high tide.

“She does not move, she’s silent, so I turn back running,” she narrated, describing “a beautiful machine”, “that goes well to the end, bus, train, charming people “.

And to explain this gesture, she had evoked “witchcraft”.

“She does not believe in it fundamentally, she seeks an explanation in her cultural roots for her gesture, because she does not want to recognize herself as mentally ill,” said her lawyer, Fabienne Roy-Nansion.

Born in Dakar, Kabou grew up in an “affluent”, “affectionate” environment where “the Catholic religion occupies a central place”. After passing her ferry in Senegal, she moves to Paris, where she validates a deug of philosophy.

When Adelaide was born in 2011, Kabou “lived in a closed isolation, in a deep solitude with the child’s father, Michel Lafon, aged 30. She concealed her pregnancy and then her newborn from her relatives by giving birth alone at home, “the survey of personality. Mr. Lafon, a civil party, described to the investigators “a magnificent mother, who has taken care of Adelaide.”

Fabienne Kabou “seemed to have a life of gold in Senegal and once arrived in France, her life seems to be made of breaks and loneliness,” says the president Anne Cochaud-Doutreuwe.

“I had problems and I preferred to circumscribe them to my own person, that’s why I got away from the people. I felt in danger,” Kabou answers simply from his box.

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