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Up to 8 years required against a Roma couple who “trained” their children to fly

Eight years in prison were demanded Wednesday against a couple of Romanian Gypsies who “trained” his children to rob the tourists around Disneyland Paris and did not hesitate to correct them when they did not bring in enough money.

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – JACQUES DEMARTHON – | Detail in relief of a wall of the Paris courthouse, November 2, 2015

“They are not engendering children, they are engendering slot machines,” accused the public prosecutor of Meaux (Seine-et-Marne), where Marian Tinca, 57, and Maria Iamandita, 51 Tuesday alongside twelve other people for their alleged participation in a vast network of pickpockets operating in France but also in other European countries.

Prosecuted for theft or complicity in theft, meeting in organized gangs, money laundering, and trafficking in human beings per ascendant for six of them, they incur up to 20 years’ imprisonment.

“Children are educated, trained to steal and when the product of their robbery is not enough, they are reprimanded, beaten and insulted,” the prosecutor continued, citing the extracts of telephone conversations captured by the investigators.

In the boxing room where the nine members of the family are squeezed, the “Patriarch” Marian Tinca animated his corpulent presence and his shouts the three days of audience, taking God to witness, shouting at his daughter when she Challenging his lawyer and threatening theatrically to commit suicide.

The prosecutor also demanded eight years ‘imprisonment against one of the major sons of the couple, Vasile-Robert Lamandita, 30, identified as the head of the “miners’ brigade”, which consisted of about 30 children who Tourists around Disneyland Paris, in the RER serving the amusement park and the Parisian subway.

Currencies, jewelery, telephones, tablets, luxury leather goods: the damage is estimated at at least one million euros for the period from January 2014 to February 2016.

4 to 6 years’ imprisonment was required against other family members and patrols, all of which benefited from the offenses committed by minors.

Ten thousand euros of fine and one year suspended were demanded against the manager of a Chinese restaurant in Pigalle where the children hid the stolen species. Suspension was also claimed against the owner and manager of a Pantin hotel where part of the clan was housed, as well as the confiscation of this “laundering instrument”.

The judgment will be delivered on Friday.

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