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Fourgon-ram in Marseille: the alleged perpetrator appeals his detention

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – boris HORVAT – | The body of a victim overthrown by a man in Marseille evacuated by ambulance on August 21, 2017

The man suffering from psychiatric disorders who went on two shelters in Marseille on 21 August, killing one and injuring one, appealed his detention on remand and asked to be hospitalized, said Wednesday to His lawyer.

“We appealed on Monday,” Mathilde Dumoulin told AFP, confirming information from La Provence. Me Dumoulin, with Sofien Dridi, defends the alleged perpetrator of the ramshackle-racked and bombarded attacks at the Baumettes for murder, attempted assassination and theft.

The 35-year-old man “really needs to be hospitalized, he is in a nearly lethargic state, he does not seem to understand what is going on, it is very worrying, and if his detention is explained by an opinion Public overcrowded in times of attacks, its place is not in prison, “says Dumoulin.

While the operating procedure had left fear of a terrorist act, the prosecution had quickly indicated that it did not favor this hypothesis, given the initial information gathered. The man from Isère had finished his race near the Old Port, arrested by the police.

He told the investigators that he had no recollection of it and had simply acknowledged the theft of the vehicle. Prior to his hearing, the court had ordered a medical opinion, which had concluded to a “probable psychotic process”. He was hospitalized, without restrictive measures of freedom, in psychiatry in Allauch (Bouches-du-Rhône), a commune that adjoins Marseilles. In November 2015, a psychiatric expert had detected in him “an absence of dangerous state”, according to the prosecution.

The man already has several records, and was released from prison on 17 May after serving a three-year prison sentence, including two years suspended for theft and attempted robbery, pronounced at the end of 2015. He was under A suspended sentence with probation when it is passed to the act.

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