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USA: A camper wakes his head in the mouth of a bear

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – Jean Christophe VERHAEGEN – | The brown-eyed dragged the instructor about four meters to the ground before other campers would make him let go of his prey by scaring him

An employee of a summer camp in Colorado had a shock when he woke up: his head was clasped between the fangs of a brown bear dragging him to the ground.

The 19-year-old ranch survivor instructor described the “immense pain” felt when the bear “crushed” his skull on Sunday morning.

The animal dragged him about four meters on the ground before other campers would let him fall prey by frightening him. Site managers, accompanied by dogs, then launched a stalk.

“The crunch I heard, I think, was the teeth that scratched on the skull in which he was biting,” said the young man, only identified by the first name Dylan, on the local Denver channel.

“He caught me … and then pulled me, and then he bit the back of my head and dragged me in. When he dragged me, it was the part that was slowest I had the impression that it was an eternity, “he continued, evoking the breath of the bear on his neck.

He was sleeping in a sleeping bag on the shore of a lake with four other employees of the camp when the animal led its attack at 4:15 am on Sunday morning (11:15 am GMT) to Ward, about 30 kilometers from the town of Boulder.

“I thought for a moment I was dreaming but then I thought it was so bad that it could not be a dream,” said Dylan, who came out of the hospital with nine stitches.

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