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Turkey: a new social music star music dog

Ⓒ Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV)/AFP – Onur ACIMAZ – | A stray dog ​​settles in front of the Vienna Chamber Orchestra in concert near Izmir in Turkey, on a photo aired on 30 June 2017

A wandering dog probably music lover became the new star of social networks this week after the broadcast of a video showing him being invited on stage during a concert of classical music in Turkey.

The scene takes place last week near Izmir in western Turkey: while the Vienna Chamber Orchestra conducted by Swede Ola Rudner plays Mendelssohn’s fourth symphony, the dog rides on stage, Air absorbed by the notes.

He wanders for a few moments with a senator step on stage, before coiling at the feet of a violinist who fails to repress a smile. At this sight, bursts of laughter burst from the public, and then applause rang out.

Ⓒ Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV)/AFP – ONUR ACIMAZ – | Screenshot aired on June 30, 2017 showing a dog on stage at a classical music concert near Izmir in Turkey

The video of the scene, which took place at the Izmir International Festival, spread like wildfire on social networks in Turkey and then around the world, while street dogs and cats are generally treated With respect by the Turks.

“The cutest moment of classical music,” commented on Twitter Fazil Say, a world-renowned Turkish pianist who performed at the festival.

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